Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aesthetic Intimacy

I recently came across a concept which was, hands down, one of the most useful tools I've found for describing what we get out of different types of relationships. It was a list of different types of intimacy. Some were obvious ones- emotional and sexual intimacy, for example. Others were types of intimacy which I had never considered before. One of those was aesthetic intimacy.

Have you ever seen a sunset over mountains so beautiful that it took your breath away? Combined ingredients in just the perfect way to compose an exquisite symphony of flavors? Marveled at how the morning light brings out the most perfect glow on human skin? Then you, my friend, have experienced aesthetic intimacy. It can be intimacy with yourself, a lover, friends, or even a stranger. But it is still an intimate experience.

Suddenly having that concept gave me a really interesting lens to view my work over the past few years as an art model. I absolutely love working with people who I click with on an aesthetic level. People who appreciate the gestures of hands, soft but dramatic light, finding that perfect composition. When I step into the studio with somebody who works on the same aesthetic wavelength as me, magic happens. Yeah, baby, we've got some serious aesthetic intimacy going on.

Of course, aesthetic intimacy doesn't translate to sexual intimacy. Or affectionate intimacy. Or even social intimacy. But it's still a type of intimacy that I treasure, and one which I will continue to seek out with others.


  1. Thank you for a new phrase. That is very much the core of great images when collaboration is present.

  2. I so understand this! I was talking with a friend the other day about faces and finding this sort of inexpressable beauty in all people and she didn't understand me... I think this is what that is... nothing romantic or sexual about it, just pure beauty in everything.