Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drawing Groups

Though I don't sit for them with great regularity, I love working for drawing groups. Part of the draw is the fact that I got my start in the figurative arts when I attended open studio sessions, way back before I was even a legal adult. Ah, nostalgia! As such, it's always a pleasure to work with artists of that stripe.

Another part of the appeal is seeing the multitude of styles in I'm drawn. For some, my figure is blocks of light and shadow. For others, it's simple contours. Some people ignore the figure entirely, and opt for a portrait. In other drawings, I exist only from the waist down, as a pair of hands, or a torso. I may be represented as little more than a skeleton, or as a set of dramatic curves. The drawing may leap off the page in a state of euphoria, or may draw inwards in introspection.

And to think, it all can stem from the same pose.

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