Thursday, March 18, 2010

Killing My Self-Portrait Buzz

The past couple of weeks have seen me with an actual home base. I'm staying with a friend in Olympia, Washington, in a trailer that was long ago rendered stationary. It's cozy, to be sure, but works reasonably well for day to day life.

Unless your day to day life includes shooting self-portraits. If you've never attempted shooting self-portraits in a space the width of one road lane, complete with furniture that's bolted in place, let me share my new-found insights with you. It is awkward. And difficult. Really. Bloody. Difficult.

I've made a handful of attempts, all of which have left me cursing in frustration. I'm sure that somebody with more knowledge on how to bend light to her will could pull it off. Alas, I am not so skillful at this point. Though I could always haul myself out to any of the nearby forests to shoot some nature nudes, my personal interests and projects as of late have laid primarily in studio work.

Ah, well. For now, I'll just have to scratch my arty itch on one side of the lens at a time.

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