Friday, August 28, 2009

Meeting New People

Oh my poor blog, how I've forsaken thee. The past few weeks have seen me zipping all over the place. To be fair, my life generally involves a fair amount of zipping, but there's been even less home-time than usual. What with all this travel, I'm constantly meeting new people.

It often comes out fairly early into things that I'm a nude model. People's responses to this vary all over the place. Many people are unsure of exactly what is entailed by being an art model. Some are curious as to how I got into it. Others inquire about how I find work. Occasionally somebody's line of questioning makes it clear that they don't believe that this could be a safe, low-skeeze job for one second.

I do my best to represent art modeling in an honest manner. I acknowledge the risks, and where things can go wrong along the way. I clarify the steps I can take to verify that I won't get chopped into bits and left in the woods. I also explain that the vast majority of the folks who contact me really are interested in making art together. There are simply more effective ways to be predatory than hiring me. Truly, I've been lucky with the people who have approached me. I've worked with one fantastic artist after another. It's collaborations with folks like them that keep me in love with my job.

And so long as I'm doing this, and probably after, I'll keep doing my best to explain to friends and acquaintances exactly what it means to be an art model.


  1. Have you ever had to deal with the artist having a jealous partner if so how did u handle it or do you have any advice for a person that get jealous when their partner come home and tell them about the model they had to draw

  2. To the extent of my knowledge, none of the people with whom I've worked have had especially jealous partners. One photographer told me that his wife preferred not to watch, or know the details of the nude shoots he did, but that's been the closest thing.

    As with most relationship issues, I think that clear, honest, and open communication with lots of "I feel" statements is the best starting point.