Monday, August 31, 2009

Parental support

From accounts I've read by other models, it sounds like there's one particular way in which I really lucked out with this whole modeling thing. I have parents who are supportive of my work. This isn't to say that, when I told them I'd started doing some modeling on the side, they were jumping up and down with joy. I've had to reassure them about my safety and the content I was shooting. But once we talked through these concerns, they've been behind me.

I'm no good at lying, and I hate confrontation. Having my job looming overhead as a raincloud of ever-imminent drama with my family would quickly wear on me. They've supported me through a number of unexpected twists and turns in life, and I'm so happy to have their support in this regard, as well. So thank you, Mom and Dad. Your support truly does mean a lot to me.

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