Saturday, August 8, 2009


In case there's any confusion on the matter, that's not me in the picture to the left. That's Jitterbug. She's been my other half for about two years now. By and large, she is a part of my life that isn't known to the artists with whom I work. Though I'm oftentimes asked about various aspects of my life outside of modeling, she just doesn't come up too terribly often.

It's kind of funny how that is, given how well-known she is to other people in my life. I bring her with me any time I'm going to a friend's house where she's allowed. I'm constantly telling Jitterbug stories to those who know her. When I worked at a veterinary clinic, she would occasionally come to work with me. Other times, she would accompany my boyfriend when he met me for lunch. After spending a week in Olympia, Washington with one of my friends while I was out of town, Jitterbug was being greeted by people on the street who I had never even met before.

But she doesn't come with me to shoots, and she doesn't come with me to art classes. Most people with whom I work have no occasion to meet her. But she's waiting for me when I come home, looking up at me with hopeful brown eyes and her comically propeller-like tail. The one good thing about leaving her behind while I'm working is that reunions with Jitterbug are always a delight.

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