Thursday, October 13, 2011

365 Project

I recently started a 365 project. It pretty much entails shooting a self-portrait every day for a year. I'm on day ten. My hope is that the project will give me some sort of structure to grow and push myself as a photographer. It's an excuse to fiddle around with different lighting, different framing, different concepts. The only restriction that I've put on myself with regards to content is that it must be a self-portrait.

Although I'm only ten days into it, I'm fascinated by the results. I have done some experimentation with different set-ups than I usually use. Sometimes it's worked well. Other times the results have been less-than-stellar. This is about what I expected, though I'm pleased to have had definitive positive results so quickly into the project.

What has really taken me by surprise is the content that I've gravitated towards thus far. A good third of the photos have been goofy high-key portraits. Usually I'm into shooting things like erotic imagery, and expressive gesture and figure studies. I gravitate towards anonymous nudes. I often like dramatic, moody lighting. So I have no bloody clue why all of a sudden I'm getting such a kick out of shooting myself making stupid faces, or wearing dorky underwear and socks.

I made a brief attempt at fighting it, but for the time, I think I'm going to go ahead and ride this trend. I have another 355 days left, which will be plenty of time for me to gravitate back to torsos, rope, and visual drama. For now, it's an exercise in joy.


  1. Can't click through to your tumblr.

    I did two consecutive years of selfies from 2006-2008, and am since Jan 1st doing one more, this time handheld, arms-length, with Hipstamatic for iPhone. It's a challenge - no post-processing, no tripod, no self-timer, no off-camera flash, no poses. I try to make it interesting by choosing different backgrounds, angles, props, expressions etc. - but it's really tough. On the other hand, it's also liberating: The less choice you have, the easier it gets.

    Always interested to see other people's 365 projects.

  2. Whoops! I fixed the link, so it should work now.

    It sounds like you've definitely set yourself up with a greater challenge than I have. It's fascinating to find where to strike the balance between restrictions and open-endedness.

  3. It is a pleasure to view the self portraits. Congrats for keeping it going.