Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No, really, EVERYBODY will see you naked

I advocate for nude models being prepared for anybody and everybody that they know to come across their work. Once you're naked on the internet, it's there forever and you can never take it back- all that usual blather. Even with that very vocal stance, it turns out that I neglected to think of every single person who might see me nude on the internet.

Backstory: When I was a freshman in high school, instead of taking a standard gym class, I opted for doing extracurricular activities and having instructors sign off for my gym credit. It spared me the humiliation of being the awkward uncoordinated kid in front of my peers, which was my main incentive. As part of this program, I jazzercised. I grapevined, right-left-right-righted, and and jazz-squared my way to personal fitness. All of this was with a regular group of older women, who I ended up getting to know pretty well. Over the years, I've stayed in occasional contact with a few people. My mother still goes to classes on a regular basis as well.

While chatting with my mom this evening, she mentioned that I had come up in conversation with one of my former jazzercise cohorts. They were talking about my job, and the specifics of it (ie, that yes, "art model" means "nude"). And my mother, ever proud of her nekkid daughter, gave her the url to my website.

I confess- this is one person that I had not considered seeing me nude. Family? I'm totally fine with my relatives seeing my work. Friends? No big deal. Employers from normal jobs? Possibly a little awkward, but nothing unmanageable. Jazzercize ladies? Whoa whoa whoa, that is just too much.

But ya know what? It's already happened. Because- all together now- once you're naked on the internet, you can never take it back. And so, even though I had a brief "WTF?!" moment at this turn of events, it's okay. I appear to be the only one spazzing out over this, which I guess makes me pretty dang lucky.

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