Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

I love warm fuzzies. Being able to feel good about what I'm doing is one of my primary motivators in life. While art modeling is not the overtly do-gooder occupation that working in a low-cost veterinary clinic was, I still get the warm fuzzies of helping people bring their artistic vision to life. Seeing photographers delight in nailing the shot that they've had batting around their head feels great, and it's a huge part of what I love about art modeling.

But there's a disturbing trend that I've noticed. There's this notion lurking out there that if one gets warm fuzzies for an action, that ought to be all the payment that they need. Somehow, the idea of somebody being paid with money or other goods for their effort is offensive, or objectionable. I saw it in the veterinary clinic. I've seen it with those sharing their knowledge in the form of classes, workshops, or skillshares. I've seen it as an art model.

If you respect and appreciate what somebody does- the knowledge, skillset, and experience that they bring to the table- give that person more than just warm fuzzies. We throw money at clothes, shiny new technology, computer games, and all sorts of other stuff. Let's give something more than warm fuzzies to the people who truly enrich our lives. People who bring us music, lessons and inspiration for wonderful things with lovers, and- yes- those who help us realize our artistic vision.

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  1. Unfortunately the credo of the internet seems to be I love this but I don't want to pay for it.