Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The majority of the people who I meet have already seen me naked before we ever have a conversation. If somebody hasn't already seen me naked, that usually changes in fairly short order. This is normal for me, and it's really not something that I think about anymore. For me, it's a fact as mundane as the fact that I have brown hair.

I recently had a friendly reminder that, in fact, this is not normal for most people. This past weekend, I was at a coffeeshop with a few friends. We camped out near somebody who we took to be the poor unfortunate sucker with a laptop who was seated near the only three open chairs in the place. As our caffeine-fueled banter developed, my partner leaned over and apologized for our general rowdiness. Happily, the apology served as a jumping point for him to join the conversation, and a new friend was made. We'll call him D.

An hour or so into conversation, the topic of my job came up. Like many folks do, D asked a few questions about exactly what it is that I do. One of my friends jumped in with, "Google her name! Kari Marie!" This is exactly what he did, apparently not expecting that the first hit would take him directly to my tits. Surprise!!

He didn't make it past the splash page, citing a general feeling of awkwardness. Since, ya know, he had just met me. I can appreciate that. I must admit though, it's a sentiment which I had forgotten existed. For me, it's perfectly normal that everybody in my life knows what my body looks like. It's skin, muscles, bones, and at the end of the day, nothing to write home about.

So, D, if you happen to read this- congratulations! I see you made it back to my website, and have thus joined the vast majority of the people that I know in having seen what my body looks like. Pretty mundane, no? Glad you made it, anyhow.

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