Monday, July 5, 2010

Out of the Car, Into a Plane

For the first time in months, I've switched transit modes from car to plane. If you're like me, and traffic stresses you out, Manhattan is not a place to drive. So I fly. In spite of generally being a savvy traveler, and at least moderately techno-competent, there was something that threw me off quite a bit this time around.

Did you know that you can have boarding passes on your phone?! I don't just mean check in online with your phone, then print out your boarding pass at one of those handy kiosks- I mean the airline sends you a text message, and that text is your boarding pass. I had no idea! Being that I am chronically suspicious of new technology, I still opted to print out a pass at one of the kiosks. Maybe for my flight home, I'll put on my game face and give this whole telephone boarding pass thingy a try.


At least one thing has remained the same, though. I'm still the weirdo who wakes up on planes with an abrupt, violent jerk. Ah, stability.


  1. i totally do that too. it's often precipitated by me spilling melted ice on myself, having dozed off with a cup in my hand.

    i wouldn't trust the text-message-boarding-pass thingy... what happens if your phone battery dies? way too many variables for comfort.

    also, i miss you and jb.

  2. I've used the smart-phone-boarding-pass thingie a few times with Continental, but the catch with them is that their smaller "partners" like Colgan Air don't have scanners that can read them, so I ended up running around to find a kiosk at the last minute to print my last leg. I'm all green and paperless in my daily life, but I guess I'll stick with dead-tree boarding passes for a little longer.