Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I know what this looks like. I've seen it before plenty of times, myself. The posts become fewer and further between. Content becomes increasingly trivial. They're all signs of a blog on it's last legs. The author loses interest, gets distracted, whatever the cause, it becomes one more casualty on the pile of discarded and forgotten sites. Geocities, anybody?

But the time has not yet come for this one. Oh no, I'm not gonna roll over yet. But I will fess up to having succumb to burnout over the past month or so. Life on the road finally caught up with me. I used to approach the inevitable speedbumps that come with being a traveling model as exciting challenges, or at least opportunities for growth. More and more, they started just knocking me flat on my ass. I spent more than a few days being a pile of sludge, staying at my mom's house, attempting to mold myself back into something vaguely resembling a human. Success was only moderate. Motivating oneself to write anything interesting is difficult when one is plagued by sludginess. And so things for me dropped off in the ole blogosphere.

But then the beginning of June rolled around. I had a light at the end of the tunnel- I was finally getting into a place in Loveland, CO with my sweetie and, of course, our dogs. The good news didn't stop there. My final destination en route to home sweet home was in Omaha. I've only been through Omaha once before, and was amazed at how well the trip went, given the utter lack of self-promotion on my part. Once again, Omaha blew me away. I had four highly enjoyable shoots in just over 24 hours. This should have been a rather exhausting endeavor, especially given my general state, but instead it left me feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Golly gee, NOW I remember why I fell in love with this job! My enthusiastic and sincere thanks go to everybody that I worked with on my way out to Colorado.

So here I am now, getting settled into my home in Loveland. I've started planning a trip to New York City in early July, and am looking forward to a chance to breathe easy as I get reacquainted with northern Colorado. And come my next round of travel, you can bet I'll be ready to dive in headfirst.


  1. Remember also that people who know and like you are subscribed to this blog. Even a short post is a great way to remind them that you are alive and well...or at least alive.

  2. In the dawn's early light, I could imagine you running through the tall grass, dew drops sparkling like diamonds as they spring into the air from your passing.

  3. Glad to hear you're settling into the new base of operation alright. And Jitterbug gets Bear back, eh?