Friday, December 18, 2009

Wait, when did that happen?

Up until recent years, my sister was, first and foremost, a dancer. From even before I can remember, she has been in classes, on stage, and improving anywhere and everywhere. She is a brilliant choreographer, and an incredibly gifted performance artist. For several years, she took the stage on the artistic front and I threw myself wholeheartedly into the sciences. Though artistic interests popped up as an occasional sidebar in my life, my heart belonged to my left-brain pursuits.

Over the past few years, an interesting shift has occurred. My sister has taken several steps back from the world of dance. Though she still dabbles in it, performance is no longer her driving passion. She shifted direction to massage therapy, and so far as I can tell, has been quite content with her decision. Dance has taken a back seat for her. At the same time, I’ve become increasingly interested in the visual arts. Modeling, photography, drawing- yes, please! I yearn to create compelling imagery. It feels as though, at least in this regard, we’ve had a full-on switch of identities.

Of course, my devotion to all things zoology-related hasn’t waned entirely. As such, I at least keep a finger on the pulse of said interests. And hooo, boy, do I have some exciting news to share. Awhile back, I posed the first question in my trivia-for-free-modeling-time series. It was about intelligence in octopuses. Anybody who gets even half as excited as I do about animal behavior will be positively bouncing with glee at report that octopuses have joined the ranks of tool-using animals. I may be increasingly arty, but my inner nerd shines on!

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  1. I read that story about octopuses and thought it was really awesome not to mention I thought of when I answered your trivia question.
    I love reading your blog, makes me smile every time you post something. Now if I could find time away from my mundane job to do some artistic work life would be good.