Saturday, October 31, 2009


It is Halloween. I spent the day peppering the toy stores of northern Colorado with resumes in hopes of picking up some steadier work through holidays. (An aside: Fear not, I'll be back on the road come January. Traveling over the holiday season just sounded daunting.) I'm now sitting at home in street clothes, dinking around on the internet. I have no other plans for the evening. Guys, this might be the most boring that I've been on Halloween.. well.. ever.

As a general rule, I love spooky things. I love playing dress-up. Halloween is a chance for me to go completely nuts with both of these things. When my living situation allowed for it, I've put on full-out haunted houses. Other years, I've just made a point of coming up with clever or exciting costumes. Last year, for instance, I went to a party in full-body zombie make up. That's right. It took two hours to get it all on, and five hours to get it all off. And it was totally worth it.

Though I mostly shoot fine art nudes, modeling occasionally allows me to play around with Halloweeny themes. I've been half buried in the forest, I've wielded a dead raccoon and a very large knife, and I've been washed up on rocks. I delight in creating unsettling, eerie imagery.

So, boring as I am this year, I suppose this will just give me an excuse to make up for it next year. Maybe I'll be more stationary at that point, and can put on another haunted house. And in the meantime, I'll keep shooting the occasional creepy content.


  1. Fell behind in my reading and commenting. Halloween is great, one time a year you can be wild, crazy, creepy or spooky and people will go along with it. Also a great theme for a photo shoot, yeah I like that idea a lot :)

  2. Hi, I enjoy your photos and your blog. I used to life model a lot, but now just run a figure drawing group here in Scottsdale.

    I also love Halloween, but as an ex-life model, I found it fun to push the envelope a bit in terms of what was exposed. Did you ever do that in a costume?

  3. The zombie costume definitely pushed some boundaries, as the only clothing that I had on was a ripped up skirt, but otherwise I generally leave the skin-showing to other folks. If it works with the costume- fabulous! But I don't force it for its own sake.

    Also, I'm sending you an e-mail about drawing in Scottsdale.