Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something I've been batting around

I have very little concept of who reads this blog. I don't know how many people stumble across it once, never to return. I don't know how many people check it occasionally to see if there have been any updates. I don't know how many people sit on the refresh button, just waiting.. waiting... waiting for an update. I added Google's "Webmaster tools" function, but this provides shockingly little information.

Why, you might ask, do I care? I've been toying with the idea of throwing out occasional trivia questions where the first correct answer gets a 2 hour block of free modeling time. The basis for the questions would largely be topics of interest to me- zoology, behavior, cognitive psychology, with maybe a bit of political and pop culture trivia thrown in just for fun.

My interest in trying this stems from a few sources. For starters, I think it could be a nifty way to meet people who probably know more than I do about things I find fascinating. I'm always delighted when conversation while working wanders on to the topic of selection pressures. I also like free stuff. I like getting free stuff, and I like giving away free stuff. Nobody ever said I was good at capitalism. More than anything, though, I'm just plain curious as to what will happen.

Before embarking on this little adventure though, I'd like to get some feedback. A few responses you might give:

A- Yeah! Do it! I'm broke and just starting out, but would love to work with you. I like that you're making it a possibility.
B- Actually, I just clicked over to your blog hoping that there would be more nudies. Now that I see the only image you've posted is of your dog, I won't be back.
C- I'm an artist who stumbled across your blog, and will definitely check back periodically if you start doing this.
D- Kari, just give up and start a Twitter account. That is clearly the more appropriate venue for this.
E- This will only make me resent you more when you politely decline my request to shoot trade with you.
F- If you're curious, just try it. (Please don't say this. I'm trying to get some sort of a feel for what the response will be if I do.)
G- __________.

Pretty please and thank you for your feedback on this one.


  1. I check your blog on a pretty regular basis. It went like this, see ad you posted, follow links, admire pics, click to blog, admire the writing and the peek into your mind.

    Also A- Yeah! Do it! I'm broke and just starting out, but would love to work with you. I like that you're making it a possibility.

    Not really broke, more a case of I have equipment, I have money but I think I lack faith in my ability to capture the magic in photos.

  2. I have just discovered your blog. This will not be the last visit!

  3. First time on your blog, will not be the last. Came up on your website through CL Chicago posting of yours with a link to your website or page. I chose your website, and I am glad I did, I get tired of going through modelmayhem as interesting as it is visually, thats all it is sometimes, need more incite to people's creative thought and process.

  4. Uh, I'm an artist and did find you clicking through CL, looking for a chance to work with someone interesting...I love your authentic natural presentation, be it physical expressions or blog articulations, it is the factor which people know but can't put into words so are it! Love, love, love your look, mind and expressions!

  5. Hmm how did I find my way here... I'm also a figure model and was looking for gigs on Craigslist. I stumbled across your traveling ad, hit your site and found your blog.

    Great work by the way. And yes, I read your blog entries too..

    I've done some photo work but mostly its drawing and painting. Also did some sculpture work (cold and dirty studios) and played a figure model in an independent film.

    Looking forward to your future blogging.


  6. Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has commented thus far!

  7. I really like your idea about free time. I like free stuff too, and give away also. It feels good to give. Trivia was alot more fun before the internet though.

    A simple google search will provide an answer nowadays, and if I was the first to respond with a right answer, I would win your contest. That really doesn't mean that I am more knoweledgable than you are on the given topic, nor does it mean I can provide you with interesting conversation on the topic during a shoot.

    If you are looking for a way to keep me coming back, just keep writing about your adventures, like your dog, or your move to Colorado, hair removal..... I frequent flea markets, and I am very curious about that shoot. Just don't mention actual names and places, lol. Real life experiences are far more entertaining to me than trivia is.

    If you want to have a contest, maybe a "What will we talk about while shooting?" contest. This way, we can be ourselves, rather than the "googlers". My two cents, for what it's worth.


  8. @Darren- I would definitely take care to use phrasing such that Google couldn't be consulted for an insta-answer. That was also an initial concern of mine, but I think I can come up with questions that demand a bit more in-depth knowledge of the topic.

    The flea market shoot was in the Tacoma, Washington area, but that's all I'm giving up abotu it!

  9. I have on occasion read the blogs of other traveling models (Katy-T, among others) and admire the courage and dedication that you all have to your craft and to art. I would love to participate in your little quiz, though my expertise is not in the areas you propose. Perhaps someday, were I to win, I would make it a point to add those hours to some paid time and travel to Denver, or bring you northward.

    I love your work, and seek inspiration in it and the work of other wonderful artists on MM.

  10. Definitely, do it! If I won I'd use those hours to include you in a shoot in the redrock country of Utah, probably near Moab. I'm a model as well and would love to work with you, maybe include my horses as well. ;o)